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If you’re considering a career in the medical field, becoming a medical assistant is a great start. Requiring only one year of training school, being a medical assistant allows you to begin working quickly without spending years in school and gives you the opportunity to gain paid experience in a medical setting. If you’re interested in becoming a medical assistant, continue reading to see our list of the best features every medical assistant should have.

Data entry

As a medical assistant, you will be given both clinical and administrative tasks. Sometimes you might be tasked with the job of updating patient records or adding new data. Thus, you will have to be proficient in using word processing and spreadsheet tools such as Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel. It’s important to input the information with accuracy, given the nature of the data.

Customer Service Skills

Medical assistants are often the first ones to greet patients as they are at the front desk or take them to the exam room for the beginning of your checkup. Thus, it’s important to be friendly and inviting so patients feel comfortable asking you questions. You may encounter patients who are distressed or nervous so it’s important to stay level-headed and calm. In addition, medical assistants should be knowledgeable and confident to keep a professional environment.

Communication Skills

Communication skills are essential for all personnel in a clinic. Medical assistants frequently communicate with other health care officials regarding the status of a patient or other important information. Interacting with your supervisors and coworkers will be a crucial part of the job, along with communicating with outside entities such as pharmacies or insurance companies.

Organization Skills

You will have to be well organized in order to succeed as a medical assistant. Often, medical assistants are tasked with scheduling appointments and it is important to set them up with the right date and time to avoid inconveniences. In addition, you may be responsible for collecting the correspondence to the hospital or handling insurance forms, which should be completed in a timely fashion.


As a medical assistant, you may have to conduct bloodwork which means giving injections or drawing blood.[Source 4] Phlebotomy courses are usually included in the training to become a medical assistant so many medical assistants already have experience with different types of injections and the procedures for giving injections. Performing phlebotomy means you must also know how to perform venipuncture and have a calm composure in case the patient is uncomfortable.

Being a medical assistant requires you to be both organized and communicative, professional and skilled. If this sounds like you, explore our website to learn more about medical assisting or call us at 718-762-1900 to learn more about our medical assistant training offered.