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Additional Plus Skills May Need

Besides of the above basic billing and coding skills a potential candidate must have, there are additional plus skills you may want to master in order to increase your competition. These knowledge areas can increase your chances to get hired.

Medical Terminology

To code and bill correctly, a basic understanding of medical terminology is required. It generally includes understanding of anatomy and physiology terms, diagnosis and procedural terms and so on. By knowing these commonly used terms and abbreviations will definitely create a more effective and efficient daily work flow.

Basic Math Skills

You may think right now everything is done by computer, and not too much math skills would involve into your work. However, this is not the truth. Basic math logic and arithmetic skills are still essential for medical billing and coding position. The billing system may automatically generate formulas, amounts or forms for insurance claims based on number and code entered, still you may experience some calculations during work such as conclude remaining amounts due from patients or set up payment plans when applicable.

Computer Skills

As a heavily computer-relied position, a sufficient understanding and operation of basic computer applications are critical. To go a further step, any computer related skills should be mastered before or during your work such as fax, scan, print, phone system, etc. Lastly, don’t expect everything stays the same while you in the position, the ability of learning something new quickly and adapting to new stuff seamlessly are big plus too!

Communication Skills

Nowadays, communication skills are needed for most positions. No matter which industry you are in, good communication is foundation of smooth working process. Same here in medical filed. In medical billing and coding position, you will extensively deal with insurance company, patient, patient’s family members, etc. You will also work with other departments and personnel within your facility. In this case, outstanding oral and written communication skills will be used every day. If you are not a good communicator now, don’t worry! Skills can be trained and developed as long as you put effort into.

Multi-Tasking Skills

In medical fields, no easy job per says. Every position has its importance and meaning in the whole cycle of medical process. Even you as a medical biller and coder, sometimes you may get involve with other simple tasks such as receptionist role or consultant role. The ability to manage multiple responsibilities at once but still focusing on one task while keeping track of others seems relatively important in this society.

Are You a Good Fit?

If you find yourself have above mentioned skills or have the potential of developing above skills, you have a big advantage of becoming a Medical Biller and Coder. As a biller and coder, you are required to have good organizational skills. If you feel you are a detailed-oriented person and willing to manage time efficiently with multiple tasks and duties, you would be a good fit of this career.

Also, considering this position is heavily office-relied, as the job asks you to spend a lot of time in front of the computer and dealing with patient files or phone calls. If you are a office person, could stand the long time seating and concentrating, you would be a good fit of it. Lastly, medical field is an ongoing changing industry, you will encounter new terminologies, new stuff frequently. Even for the code you will be using every day, some of them might change next year, as a biller and coder, you have to keep yourself updated and spend some time to renew yourself frequently. In result of this, an interest in continued learning is also a good quality for this role.

Ready to Get Started?

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