Course Description


This course stresses all business skills and those competencies required of the office worker in today’s business environment. The course provides realistic and meaningful experiences to strengthen student’s administrative skills and knowledge of business procedures and technological skills.

The role of the administrative assistant will be analyzed as well as the global influences that affect the way business is conducted.

You will learn

Office Procedures will assist students in learning and practicing important office procedures, such as basic banking, records management, postal and courier services, telephone and fax services, dealing with the public, and using the Internet to research information.

PART 1: The Office in a Changing Business World


CHAPTER 1 : The Office Environment

  • The Office Today
  • The Office in Relation to the Total Organization
  • Your Role in an Office

CHAPTER 2 : Office Competencies

  • Employment Outlook
  • Employment Competencies

CHAPTER 3 : Managing Information to Enhance Productivity

  • Information Management and Technology
  • Information Systems and Resources

PART 2: Communicating Effectively


CHAPTER 4 : Communicating in Written Form

  • Reading and Writing at Work
  • Business Correspondence
  • Business Reports and Related Documents

CHAPTER 5 : Communicating Orally

  • Listening and Speaking
  • Planning and Preparing a Presentation
  • Delivering a Presentation

CHAPTER 6 : Telephone Communications

  • Telephone Technology and Services
  • Effective Telephone Communications

PART 3: Processing and Understanding Financial Information


CHAPTER 7 : Banking and Payroll

  • Banking Procedures
  • Payroll and Employee Benefits

CHAPTER 8 : Financial Reports and Procedures

  • Financial Reports
  • Financial Procedures

PART 4: Managing Your Work Life


CHAPTER 9 : Time and Workstation Management

  • Managing Your Time
  • Workstation Management and Office Safety

CHAPTER 10 : Meetings and Travel

  • Planning and Participating in Meetings
  • Arranging Travel

CHAPTER 11 : Records Management

  • Introduction to Records Management
  • Managing Physical Records
  • Managing Electronic Records

CHAPTER 12 : Processing Mail

  • Incoming Mail Processes
  • Outgoing Mail Processes

PART 5: Managing Your Career


CHAPTER 13 : Planning and Advancing Your Career

  • An Effective Job Search
  • The First Job and Beyond

CHAPTER 14 : Ongoing Professional Development

  • Leadership Skills
  • Lifelong Learning